Pheasant Heaven at Broken Arrow Farms

At Broken Arrow Farms there are people who come and stay at the farm for a few days to a week for pheasant hunting, and there are the day hunters who come out to the farm for the hunting but stay in town to take advantage of the restaurants and entertainment it offers. It also includes some of the locals of Pierre, South Dakota who hunt there as well.

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100 Rounds of Sporting Clays With the Revolutionary Guerini Impact

By naming its shotgun the Impact, Caesar Guerini is engaging in a lively game of word play. The Impact is a wake-up call to an industry that all too often substitutes innovation with attractive engraving and well-figured wood. The Impact also hands shooters a fully adjustable point of impact – essentially a cutting-edge target shredder for under $5,000.

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Busting the Big Myth About Shotgun Chokes

We move through it, we shoot through it and we breathe it. It’s air. But it’s something most shooters never think about when they are competing in a sporting clays competition or even in practice. It is something we should consider when shooting above 3,000 feet. At 3,000 feet the air density is less than at sea level. At 5,000 to 6,000 feet it’s about 80% of what it is at sea level. It is that reduction of air density (altitude) that allows a shot string to stay tight longer than it would at sea level.

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Pheasant Fun With the NRA’s Women On Target

 Brilliant blue skies and rolling native grasslands as far as the eye could see created a gorgeous backdrop against the quiet farmlands of southern South Dakota. My home away from home was the beautiful rustic lodge of Granite Springs near Alexandra. Here I would join up with several women to participate in a National Rifle Association (NRA) Women On Target (WOT) upland hunt.

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