Aleksei Morozov

Aleksei Morozov

Aleksei Morozov grew up dreaming of the outdoors in a polluted Soviet industrial town, and relishing every opportunity to go hunting and fishing with his father and grandfather. After a few years of teaching English and Linguistics at a university, he followed his heart and became an outdoor writer. Aleksei's stories appeared in the Russian edition of Sports Afield, the Russian Hunting Magazine (where he won the Writer of the Year award in 2014 and 2015), and other publications. Now he runs the blog and social media pages of

Although capercaillie and black grouse are the highlights of the Russian spring hunting season, other game birds are also legal that time of year including geese, ducks and woodcock.

Argentina is widely known as a wingshooter’s paradise. The Cordoba region is synonymous with “doves galore,” but in the province of Entre Rios you can vary your hunting experience with perdiz (partridge) and ducks. The limits on pigeon, perdiz and ducks are generous, and on doves there’s no limit at all (in Argentina, they are pests that do immeasurable damage to agriculture). Hunting is the most efficient of legal crop protection methods, and hunters are often farmers’ only hope.

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